Everything is working great. I really like the way you set up the monitors. It’s working out very well for me. You will be the person I will seek out if I ever have a problem I can’t fix myself.

Francis Stanavich

Yes and you guys are FANTASTIC! I have recommended you to friends.

Sulee Edwards

Thanks very much for your help and your follow up. So far, all seems good, and you can rest assured that we will be in touch if we need additional help!

Devon Sloan

Everything is working just fine and I’d like to thank Bret personally for taking the time to come over on a National Holiday!

Troy Curtis

Very pleased with the set up of my new computer and printer. It is working fine! I really am enjoying this computer. Thank you so much for the work done on it all. I will always call your company when I have any problems.

Laurel Bressner

Interestingly enough I was referred to GEEKS2YOU by an Apple employee, and I was very generous with my praise when I thanked him. Lucas was great, and everything has worked out well.

Kirk McCoy

I have found Marc to be very knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive to my problems. I would highly recommend his company for any computer needs.


I experienced Marc as very professional and efficient. He takes his work seriously and is very responsive. He was very helpful and has a way of explaining things so it is easy to understand. He loves computers and it shows!

Josie Collins

This is the best guy I’ve ever worked with for computers, networks, etc…prices are extremely low. As you may recall I owned a computer company for over 25 years so I can speak with some knowledge of technical people. This guy is the very best ever.

Chuck Corriere

Marc installed my wireless router. My cable installer and myself both had trouble getting it setup. I called Marc and he was out in a flash and had it all setup in less than an hour. He has my highest recommendation. Thanks:Marc

Rich H