Business IT Support Tucson

What is an MSP?

MSP stands for Managed Service Provider. In our specific case we are referring to IT as a managed service. You pay a monthly contract fee based on the amount of users you have, and we provide full helpdesk support as well as IT guidance for how the network and applications should be handled. Unlimited and always-ready support, with the ability to actually solve problems even before they arise.


Why choose an MSP/Managed IT Provider?

Normal IT staff will require benefits and vacation time. Who runs the network when they are on their vacation? An MSP does not require benefits nor do they take vacations, and always provides constant support. This is accomplished by having a team of technicians available. MSP’s also provide inventory control of technology for cheap and planned maintenance & upgrades. It is also easier to understand your IT costs, and predict how they will increase/decrease as your company expands or contracts. There won’t be any unexpected costs.


Why choose Geeks 2 You as your MSP and IT Helpdesk

We have a team of 8 technicians and operate 7 days a week with after-hours support available as well. An individual tech may take a vacation, however the rest of the team is still always available and ready to help. Our ticket times usually run about 15 minutes. We put all our client computers and servers on remote, and can immediately log in to fix the issue. We also have strong on-site support availability, always providing same-day support, 7 days per week. MSP clients always receive our top priority and will be given an after-hours support phone number to be able to always reach a technician as well. We are fully versed in all types of business setups. Whether it is physical/virtual onsite servers or Amazon AWS servers, we can manage and maintain them. We can easily handle keeping POS systems running, Exchange server, Active Directory, Citrix/Hyper-V/VMware virtualization, Networking and pretty much everything else under the sun. We can also keep our clients complaint with HIPAA regulations, and other data security regulations your industry might be subject to. We primarily bill services on a per user type model, unless a per device model is necessary. Contact us today for a personalized quote.