Yahoo Hacked Again

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Yahoo has announced they have been hacked again. With this newest hack, they believe the hackers made off with user data on more than 1 billion accounts. With further inspection, they found that the hackers had entered into the source code, and found an exploit on how to forge cookies to be able to log… Read more »

What Is Office 365?

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  Office 365 encompasses several fundamentally different options, and can be extremely confusing to people who aren’t tech savvy. It is still imperative that those people understand what it can do for them and their home/business, as it is almost a no brainer in terms of why to purchase. We are going to discuss the… Read more »

Common Mistyping of Office 365’s Website is a Phishing Scam

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Office 365 is currently used by 1.2 Billion people. It is now the major source for desktop software licenses, exchange email hosting, and also cloud based Office software. It is a behemoth, and a fantastic platform. That is, unless you fat-finger the web address to the login site!   The main website to log into… Read more »

Internet of Things (IoT) Attacks!

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What is IoT? IoT stands for Internet of Things. In easiest to understand terms, think of home automation and the devices that connect to your wireless network so you can manage them using your phone. For example, know how there is an app for your Nest thermostat or your smart light bulbs so that you can… Read more »

Are Solid State Drives Worth It?

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The absolute quick answer to this question is an unequivocal YES(unless you need more than 1TB of storage). Let’s explore why! Speed Matters Solid-State Drives will commonly outperform a regular hard drive speeds by 5-10x. You can pour through the benchmarks and drill down to each individual drive, however it will generally fall into the 5-10x… Read more »

How to have a secure password

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Passwords are now an everyday nuisance. Every time you want to read your webmail, edit a file on DropBox, Skype call someone, or even unlock your phone, you need to enter a password. We all take this security for granted and expect our passwords to remain just that; ours. Unfortunately in todays day and age,… Read more »

What We Do

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Geeks  2 You is a full service computer repair company in Phoenix, AZ. We handle residential and small business computer repair. From the smallest pc repair to full service I.T. support, Geeks 2 You is the answer. We have the most successful virus removal process. We have developed it throughout the years to match the viruses… Read more »